The #1 most-read online news source for college students in the nation

As one of the Opinion Section writers, I wrote several articles including one of the most-read articles in Neon Tommy’s history.

New Astrology Sign Causes Identity Crisis15,000 views in the first 24 hours

Obama Brings Positive Changes To America

Why Jerry Brown Should Win Gubernatorial Race

“What What” South Park Is Being Sued … Again

California State University Staggering Tuition Increases Indefensible

Why Has “Help for Haiti” Stopped?

French Protest Against New Retirement Pension Plan

Brown And Whitman Slug It Out In Final Debate

Brown-Whitman: Let The Political Games Begin!


The Word’s Leader In Next Generation Celebrities

I pitched, edited and wrote daily stories for the their blog, “The Scene”, ghost wrote for the CEO’s blog, “The Ultimate Insider” and updated the titles/subtitles for the videos.

The Ultimate Insider

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane … No, It’s a Flying Car!

An Ansane Adventure – Drinking Coke Around The World


Hip Hop’s New Wiz Kid

The Scene

Chatting With “Cowboys and Aliens” Youngest Star, Noah Ringer Led the interview and wrote the feature

“Pretty Little Liars” DoSomething For Schools

Google Jumps Into The Social Networking Game

“South Park” Masterminds Take Over Broadway With “Book of Mormon”

Comic Con Set To Take Over San Diego

21st Century Style: 5 Tech-Style Fashion Picks

Paul McCartney To Mark 9/11 Anniversary With Personal Documentary

Official: Kunis and Timberlake Will Have A Ball With Marines

Rebecca Who? Kathy Beth Terry Is The New Queen of Fridays!

Diddy Looks To Make His Bad Boys Good

Ray William Johnson Poised To Become #1 Most-Subscribed On YouTube

Stars Get In Shape At Muscle Milk Fitness Retreat

“Can’t Help But Wait” For Trey Songz To Become An Actor

Speilberg’s “War Horse” Trailer Stirring Up Excitement

Lovatics Love Demi’s New Single “Skyscraper”


An online media and fitness company making personalized, adaptable and affordable fitness programs

I served as the Event Director for the interactive, citywide walk, Tour de Fitness, as well as promoted them through social media and events. I am currently a Fitness Coach where I hold private and group workouts throughout Los Angeles.

Student Combines PR With Healthy Living For Internship At O2 MAX Fitness – Chosen as an on-going feature of USC students doing meaningful projects with public relations for the community

Prom Is Cancelled? O2 MAX Fitness and Operation Prom Team Up To Make Sure Every Teen Attends This Spring – Received 10 media hits from local Bronxville, NY news sites and blogs!

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