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My Review of Yelp from the Elite Squad!

I joined the Yelp Elite Squad during Yelp’s 10-year anniversary!  I’m excited to be a part of a community that also enjoys giving cool, funny, and useful reviews (their rating system) of their favorite (and not so favorite) places. At the time of this writing, I have over 80 reviews, tips, and over 100 friends to become part of this city ambassador group. I realized that I go out a lot and as one of the few people that are actually from LA, I thought it would be helpful for others to know some of the tips, directions, prices, secret parking spots, and attire advice that I have picked up from years of socializing in this city. Now there was a point to all the times I chose to find the next new hot spot or attend a fun event in LA!

Enjoying the shiny new profile as a Yelp Elite!

So for those who are not yet involved with Yelp – here’s my review of it. In one of my many review lists, I’ll go over why I choose to use this app every day as well as some of the benefits I have already been seeing as being an Elite member.

1) SAVE MONEY! – With so many businesses having check-in deals these days, it’s very easy to have an affordable social life. Bars have free drinks, comedy shows have discounted tickets, restaurants have free appetizers or discounted meals, retails stores give deep discounted on cool clothing, and more! I’ve saved money every weekend since using Yelp and have over $200 back in my pocket because of it. With the app, you can save the deals and redeem upon checking in! I have 20 deals.

2) GOOD REVIEWS LEAD TO INCENTIVES – Managers read their Yelp reviews and care what customers have to say. I received a $10 gift certificate from one of my favorite sushi restaurants because of high-rated review with photos. I’ve also been sent special menus and incentives to come in to their restaurants/bars or new places the managers are opening up to continue to write good reviews – and for me to potentially find a new favorite food, drink, place to hang out!



3) FRIENDS/SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY – While saving money is definitely nice, I have really enjoyed meeting more people in my hometown that have shared helpful advice, sent new spots to try out, cheered me on with my reviews, and nominated me to Yelp Elite. It’s also really good to know that my tips and reviews are helping people out in this huge metropolitan city of LA. It makes me happy when I receive compliments and messages from users and reminder me why I use Yelp. There’s a lot of funny writers on Yelp and many of the Yelpers get together at Elite Events to hang out, try new things, and write reviews!

4) ELITE EVENTS – I’m excited to go to my first Elite Event! I have seen pictures of behind-the-scene of restaurant dinners, yacht parties, camping, happy hours, and more! Stay tuned for a review of one of these events. I’ve been told that many of these events have a +1 so I will try to be getting my friends involved more with the Yelp community. The shiny profile you get as an Elite member is only the start of the fun…

5) YELP IS INTERNATIONAL – One of the most recent international events, is the partnership between Bordeaux and Los Angeles (just learned we are Sister Cities) in their celebration, “Bordeaux Fête Le Vin.” Users share their favorite spots with each other, join the conversation hashtag #YelpPal and #BFV2014, and can even get a French pen pal!


Yelp is so much more than a review site – it’s a way to really enhance your social experience within whatever city you’re in. The days of “So what do you want to do tonight?” are now met with really fun options that I never would have thought of otherwise. I hope this was cool, funny, or useful and I hope Yelp opens up your world the way it did to me! Thanks Yelp!

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Vinyet Is Helping My Video Obsession

I’m almost almost a year into the mobile advertising field and it probably has something to do with the fact that I’m now obsessed with apps. It’s crazy to think I was late in the game getting a smartphone and had the vintage flip phone for half of college. Current high schoolers may not know what I’m talking about. I also rocked the cassette-playing Walkman for far too long (stopped using it two years ago). Again, current high schoolers may not know what I’m talking about.

Rocked this bad boy until 2011
Rocked this until Radio Shack stopped having it in stock in 2012

Now that  I have an unhealthy relationship with my smartphone like most people, I’m excited about finding and using new apps. It’s true that there’s an app for everything. It’s amazing what worlds are opening up now that most things can be done via mobile.

Recently I’ve gotten into making videos. I’ve always watched a lot of videos from spoken word on YouTube to funny Vine sketches to viral videos. I was asked to make a promotional video for work a few months ago and it was the most fun projects I’ve done. I started looking for video apps and have created a series of videos. It feels like making a mini movie!

My favorite video app is Vinyet. You can edit clips, add music and filters, and upload to Vine, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s well worth the $1.99! Final Cut Pro runs a few thousand more than this.

This is how Vinyet looks! The bottom left button in the Camera Roll where you can pull up all the videos in your phone. Since the Internet loves cats, here’s one.


When you tap on a video in your Camera Roll it will import into Vinyet where you can easily edit your video in-app without the struggle of learning iMovie and Final Cut Pro (but these are more fun and you can add much fancier things). However, for beginners, all you have to do is tap on the frames of the video which will appear at the top. Drag the yellow highlighted rectangle to trim. You do have to guess at it whereas in apps like Videoshop it will show you if you are trimming at 4 seconds or 14 seconds.


You can add music to the video! Note – if you want to add music only to a certain section of a clip, I’d take that clip and add music with InstaVM and then upload that video into Vineyet as you can’t add music to only certain parts – only the entire video. The music comes from whatever is on your phone! And of course – where’s the fun if there’s no filters? You can add a filter from the several that come with the app to give your cat video a cool cinematic look.


Vinyet associates Vine with green (logo’s color) and Instagram with blue (interesting choice). If you are putting a series of clips together and they total up to 6 seconds, the top bar will be green and you will be able to share on Vine. However, if you go over 6 seconds, you will can only share on Instagram up to 15 seconds and the top bar will be blue.


What are some of your favorite video editing apps?

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Stop Being Mad At Snapchat! Your Privacy Is Over – Focus on Security

So 2014 rang in with the news that the very app that has paved the way for disappearing shirtless pics, silly faces, why do I need to see these moments, and Snapchat stories turned 20-second selfies has been hacked.

OH NO!!!!

Commence freakout mode. Will the world see me naked? Will my boss know I actually went to Vegas instead of being sick? Will everyone know that my 10-second Snapchaterpiece has exquisite art skills? (Note to Mom: None of these are true)

Nope. Your phone number is the only piece of information that the hackers made public.  4.6 million of them.

Ok … the arts skills are from the kid.


Hold up! Stop deleting Snapchat, cursing them on Twitter, and posting sad faces on Instagram that your career is over. You’ll be fine.

As someone who’s in the advertising industry, acquiring information as someone’s phone number is relatively easy and typically not as important as some of the other information as one can get just by having you spending time online or in an app. This year will be an interesting year as we see how our relationship with privacy, the law, advertising, and users and hackers will change as people are finding out that as long as you spend time connected to technology, you will be easily tracked.

Yes, of course Snapchat and Skype should have taken more precaution in securing the code of the app but a lot of information isn’t safe in apps or online and it’s also the user’s responsibility to make sure what s/he decides to use when signing up for apps and how much s/he want to put out there. While companies behind these apps need to work even more fiercely to protect the users, hacking and security breaches will be part of this digitized world. Snapchat knew about the security breach before it went public and normally we do put a lot of trust into our apps and online activity but we do need to be very aware that there’s people handing our information and there’s still  little enforcement of what’s going on in the privacy arena as well as keeping companies accountable.

Here are some of what people were saying towards all of this and my responses as an advertiser. While the hackers in no way did this for advertising reasons I just wanted to share some insight that having phone numbers released is not as big of a deal as people may think. For the most part, your name, number, and email will always be obtained.


No! How will I procrastinate?

On a more important note though, deleting Snapchat won’t actually do anything. The hackers still have your phone number and you probably signed up with an email so someone somewhere has that information too. You should review your online footprint and seeing what information pops up when you Google your name, number, address, etc. and making sure you have strong passwords for Snapchat as well as all of your accounts.

Deleting Snapchat is just erasing the fun out of your life of sending people awesome visual check-ins of what you’re doing and seeing a few seconds of comedy each day.

I want Snapchats like these 😦


Nope. Thankfully, the public list did cover up the last two numbers but even if they didn’t your phone number can easily be found and companies sell each other this information (and more!) all the time. Have you ever received a telemarketer call and have no idea where they got your number? This could be happening more or companies/organizations will find more indirect ways to reach you as they uncover other information. If you’ve ever put your number anywhere online a strong perseverance with Google can tell me how to contact you. Or if you’re somebody.

Snapchat’s hackers aren’t releasing info that’s really drastic. It’s your phone number, not your Social Security number.

Actually telemarketers are really annoying.


Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe Snapchat already has every Snapchat stored because, you know, Big Data!!! But maybe not. In any case, just like you shouldn’t be texting scandalous photos, taking a precaution on sending racy material should always be top of mind. Once the Internet became a thing, everything is forever and everyone is a public figure.


Plenty more info! I’ve compiled a list for you of what, at least in the advertising industry, love more than calling you and just having you hang up on us. We can find out all of the below info just by you downloading an app.

1) How much time you spend in the app

2) When you downloaded the app

3) The price you are willing to pay for the app

4) If your friends downloaded the app (based on usually Facebook or your Contact List)

5) How you are using the app (popular features, time of day of usage, how many times you open the app in a day, etc.)

6) Daily habits and general profile based on users your age, location, etc.

7) How often you click on the mobile/tablet ads and if you leave the app to go to a company’s website

8) If you have a name associated with the app we can Google you

9) If you signed up with an email, that email can potentially be sold or the app just has it for future email blasts

10) If you signed up with Facebook, that app has access to your public profile

… and so much more! Remember, as long as you are connected to technology (phone, computer, app, etc.) anyone can track you and your information.


In advertising, it’s because you are a consumer. You buy stuff and it tells the market how everything is run. While it may be annoying to be bombarded with constant car ads or whatever we think might suit you, the fact of the matter is you are always looking for products that are of the best value and make your life easier. Everything from food to to clothes to apps.  We have to know what you do and what you like and instead of taking you out on a nice date, we Facebook stalk you.

But in the end, every time you get online or in app, there are so many factors trying to work for a more personalized experience and post ads that you actually might care about. Advertisers can mess up with the Internet algorithms – I always get J Date ads for single Jewish ladies even though I’m not Jewish and I’m married to my best friend on Facebook – but everything you click on, look at, and download will have an impact of your desktop and mobile experience. Maybe single Jews are using my computer? 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 8.15.55 PM


Privacy ended when the Internet became a thing. Everyone’s a public figure.

From WikiLeaks to Snowden to Snapchat, we are seeing examples over and over again that technology is making it easier to obtain very personal information. Your numbers aren’t safe as well as our highest officials can’t keep national security secrets away. The Internet is a significant part of our lives but it’s still very much the Wild Wild West in terms of how to control how we use it. Everyday, people are getting smarter in coding and hacking and Internet Responsibility should start being part of an elementary school education.

People are saying they are willing to pay $5 for an app that respects their privacy but what does that even mean? There are free and paid services that people can access that monitor people’s usage and it’s that information that can be more useful. When it comes to selling information, there will need to be government backing in terms of monitoring what goes to companies so that users don’t get abused. Phone numbers? Meh. Social Security numbers? Absolutely not.


OMG me too! Below are a few things you DO have control over when it comes to making sure you are a happy and health Internet and mobile user. And here’s some more tips!

1) Change passwords as much as you do laundry. OK so maybe that’s a little too frequently but definitely change it approximately every three months. (Please do laundry at least every three months.) I’ll usually have it a variation of the same word so I don’t forgot. Including accents from foreign languages, symbols like $, and using letters and numbers are particularly helpful.

2) Name1234 is easily hacked. Don’t have personal info in your username. If your birthday or last 4-digits of your Social Security number are in your username, then that can pose a threat to future hackers.

3) Be a ninja. Don’t like the overlords tracking you? Download Chrome and do your Internet and mobile browsing in an Incognito tab. Such practices lead to cheaper flights, pure Web browser histories, less crazy ad suggestions, and improved ninja abilities.

4)  Did you inhale it? That’s the point. Even the President had to vouch for his weed pics and college days. While it’s great to YOLO, don’t have major FOMO over a job. Now that’s missing out. This includes no racy pics unless you want to explain that in a job interview too.

Puh-lease. I’m the President.

5) BIG DATA IS HERE!!! All of your tweets are being saved by the Library of Congress, all of your likes and habits are being saved by Facebook, and everything you ever do and post is being monitored. Just like you should think before you speak, think before you post. The government and advertisers can easily create a profile of you and are constantly thinking of ways of getting you to vote and buy.

I hope this blog post helps! I’m very much opening this up as a discussion and would love to hear comments. Again, this post wasn’t meant to support Snapchat in their advertising purposes (clearly the hack wasn’t) but to get everyone to start thinking of how their online activity is going to shape their world and digital world and what being on a website or in an app means because it could be your Social Security number next. You aren’t a private person anymore and your information has all been digitized now that it’s 2014.


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I’m A 90’s Kid And Never Owned An iPod

I received my first cassette-player Walkman when I was 12 years old. I instantly fell in love with listening to hip-hop, Spanish music, and Top 40 as well as listening to radio shows hosted by Ryan Seacrest or Big Boy. As getting an iPod and downloading music became more popular throughout the 2000’s I still had my trusty, old-school Walkman.

When I came back from Spain last Spring, my Walkman finally broke and I went to Radio to get another one. Sadly, they told me that they no longer sell Walkman’s. Since I was also due for a phone upgrade, I upgraded to an iPhone and the employee told me there’s this cool thing called iTunes and I can download music.

So I downloaded the “I Heart Radio” app and continue listening to the radio. I love the personality of the radio and how I can get my music, concerts, news, and comedy all in one place. I’m also into remixes and like listening to SoundCloud’s live sets from house/trap artists at the Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, etc. I do like the sharing features that the apps have and that I can easily let my friends know of an upcoming event or fun, new song.

As I’m continuing to work in the mobile advertising industry, there are so many options to listen and share music. However, it’s always fun surprising people that I had a Walkman up until 2012.