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How To Make A Business Card In Photoshop


I participated in a 10-week online course through the Adobe Education Exchange on how to teach technology, specifically Adobe products, to participants. The final project was creating a lesson plan and I did my project for Photoshop. My lesson plan is a beginning-level roughly three-hour workshop where the participants will learn how to make a simple business card in Photoshop. The workshop is aimed at mostly high school and college students to get them thinking of their personal brand and where they want to be working.

Feel free to check out my lesson plan and give me any feedback! Thanks! I made this lesson plan in InDesign and you can also access this via the InDesign tab on my website.

Beginning Photoshop Lesson Plan

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The Paradox Of Our Age

The Dalai Lama couldn’t be more right. This reminds me of George Carlin’s “Modern Man”. Sometimes I wish we lived in simpler times, but then I realize we need to work with our new and ever-changing technology and conveniences rather than have them turn us more robotic.