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I’m A 90’s Kid And Never Owned An iPod

I received my first cassette-player Walkman when I was 12 years old. I instantly fell in love with listening to hip-hop, Spanish music, and Top 40 as well as listening to radio shows hosted by Ryan Seacrest or Big Boy. As getting an iPod and downloading music became more popular throughout the 2000’s I still had my trusty, old-school Walkman.

When I came back from Spain last Spring, my Walkman finally broke and I went to Radio to get another one. Sadly, they told me that they no longer sell Walkman’s. Since I was also due for a phone upgrade, I upgraded to an iPhone and the employee told me there’s this cool thing called iTunes and I can download music.

So I downloaded the “I Heart Radio” app and continue listening to the radio. I love the personality of the radio and how I can get my music, concerts, news, and comedy all in one place. I’m also into remixes and like listening to SoundCloud’s live sets from house/trap artists at the Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, etc. I do like the sharing features that the apps have and that I can easily let my friends know of an upcoming event or fun, new song.

As I’m continuing to work in the mobile advertising industry, there are so many options to listen and share music. However, it’s always fun surprising people that I had a Walkman up until 2012.


How To Never Get Sick

My mom will turn 52 in December and still gets carded for alcohol. Most people cannot tell that my mom is actually my mom and not my older sister. She freaks people out when they see her driver’s license and says she remembers the sixties. As someone who works in a yoga studio, she has always been interested in health.

My mom’s dad was a doctor who in the sixties knew that prescription drugs were taking over and were of no help. He advocated for curing your own body and managing your stress because people’s own problems and lack of listening to their illnesses caused so much of their own damage. My mom has taken this knowledge and raised three kids without medicine. I’ve never had Advil or Tylenol and I still don’t know what medicines go for what sickness. Unless it was something serious like an ear infection and we had to get antibiotics, she made our own bodies fight off any illness. Sleep and tea were the only remedies we received.

From preschool to high school, I only missed three days of school. I got the perfect attendance award in middle school for never missing a day. Even in college, when I do get sick, I always just sleep and drink more tea. I was the Team Leader for an Alternative Spring Break in El Salvador and the only two people who didn’t get sick were the Coordinator, who was from El Salvador, and me. I’ve noticed that if I let my own body fight something, that my immune system actually becomes stronger.

My favorite part about this approach to sickness is that I do focus more on what is making me sick. I healthily process stress and lifestyle so that I can become healthy as soon as possible and a lot stronger.

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Adobe Education Exchange


I’m officially half-way done through the “Teach the Trainer” course offered by the Adobe Education Exchange! This free, online 10-week course shows how to introduce the basics of Adobe’s software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesgin, and more. Throughout the course, you work on a lesson plan and the final project is a well thought out lesson that you could teach to a number of students. At the end of the course, you are certified as an Adobe Education Trainer and you are required to teach a certain amount of people each year on the software to keep up your certification.

I’m most familiar with Photoshop so I wanted to do a lesson plan introducing the basics for it. My lesson plan involves creating your own business card, setting up a new project, adding text and colors, and how to move around the different layers within Photoshop. I am still trying to find a way to make my lesson more interactive, and figure out the length of each section.

If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage checking out the Adobe Education Exchange. There are many great resources to help you learn the creative software as well as community initiatives such as youth creating art.


Seeing Through The Eyes Of Someone With Synesthesia

Don’t worry – I don’t have some horrible disease. In fact, I only recently found out that I see the world in a different way from others just two years ago. I had a conversation with my younger brother when he first started Calculus.

ME: “Isn’t Calculus hard? I kept staring off into space because everything was just too colorful!”

BROTHER: “Um… what are you talking about?”

ME: “You know … since Calculus is more conceptual, when the teacher asked to think about how the equation looks on the graph, the colorful numbers and letters would get distracting.”

BROTHER: “Evelina… what are you on?”

ME: “I’M NOT ON ANYTHING! Isn’t 5 pink and 8 purple and 2 yellow in your mind?”


I found out that day that most people don’t see the world as some giant Color Run. I didn’t even know of the word “synesthesia” before but I immediately Googled “I see numbers and letters as colors” and there was a ton of writing about it. Synesthesia is a condition in which objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people’s names are connected with a sensory perception such as smell, color, or flavor.

Originally, I thought everyone saw numbers and letters in color because everyone typically grows up in a color-coordinated elementary school education. I mean, learning the multiplication tables was done entirely in color! I have no idea why I see six as green or seven as red and if that means anything. Synesthesia doesn’t help me in math – I studied public relations to stay away from math. Synesthesia does help me, though, with memorizing. I have all of my close friends’ and family members’ phone numbers memorized. I scored highly in remembering dates for AP United States History. I didn’t write down the time and date of a haircut appointment and remembered it exactly months later.

People’s names also have specific fonts and colors to me. The longer I know someone, the more vivid their name design. When I first meet someone, they have a pretty basic design, but as I get to know them, more colors and fancy fonts start appearing.

I’ve only met one other person with synesthesia and she saw numbers and letters with different colors. I would love to meet someone who associates them with a sound, smell, or flavor. Another one of my friends even assigns a gender to the numbers!

Hopefully, there will be more writing on synesthesia in the future but for now I don’t mind envisioning my world in color!

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DJ Logos

With the rise of house, EDM, and trap music, it seems like everyone these days is trying to become a DJ. Luckily, a few of my friends have been fortunate enough to perform at venues like the House of Blues, 333 Live, Club Robertson, and more. While I cannot make music like my friends, I have helped out with their logos. Check out the designs and their pages! If you’re interested in me creating a logo for you, just contact me through my Contact Page.

Speiser DJ (Drop Jam)





Au Shante


Au Shante Au ShanteAu Shante Au Shante


Thanks for visiting my website!

Hello world! I’m creating this brand, new website (with my own domain!) as I start life after USC. I have gotten more interested in designing and will be uploading more images and animations. Please disregard my former website as that is now out of date.

I will be using this blog space to post pictures that I like and random thoughts. I’m still trying to find my niche but I love comedy, community service, working with kids, reading/discussing the news, social media, listening to hip hop, house/trap, and Spanish music.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me!