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Top Reading Picks For The Young, Female Professional

Happy Monday! (Is that a thing?) While many of us may be mourning the loss of the weekend, and getting back to the daily grind, we are also catching up with the Internet of what interests us the most on our way to work or during the day’s downtime. We are on our favorite blog, Twitter, BuzzFeed, Google News, and scanning through an article that our friend just sent because “you have to read this.”

For the females getting started in tech – this post is for you! When I graduated college, I was totally clueless when it came to real world finances, career advice geared towards women, and simplifying tech in this ever-changing digital world. Mashable and Business Insider have been great enlightening my ways so far these past two years, but I have a few other sites that have been great bite-sized information to help you stay ahead of the game.

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For The Money-Confused….

DailyWorth – A digital media company offering a platform for women on things related to money, career, entrepreneurship.

Types of Articles: “To Get A Raise, Say THIS!” | “Should You Ever Work For Free?”| “Spin Your Personal Brand Into A Business” | “How Much Does It Cost To Get Pregnant?”

For The Career-Confused…

The Muse – The most trusted career brand for Millennials, helping 1.5+ million people per month find jobs and succeed in their careers.

Types of Articles: “3 Signs Someones is Lying To You, Courtesy of a  Former FBI Agent” | “12 Ways Successful People Stay Focused, Productive, and In Control” | “4 Better Ways to Answer ‘Why Do You Want to Work at This Company?'” | “The 10-Minute Weekly Exercise That’s Changing My Career”

For The Tech-Confused…

Techlicious – Provides information and advice on consumer electronics and other technologies that are focused on women’s lifestyles.

Types of Articles: “27 of Our Favorite Time-Saving Shortcuts” | “How To Automate Your Everyday Tasks” | “3 Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy” | “Apple Watch: Hot or Not?”

What are your favorite sites?


My First Day At Toastmasters

What’s Toastmasters you ask? Only the finest club dedicated to improving the public speaking and leadership skills of individuals all over the world. There are once a week, 2-hour meetings where everyone can practice speaking in front of an audience whether it’s a 1-minute “Table Topic” or a prepared 10-minute speech. I used to participate on the Speech and Debate Team at Santa Monica College so I was looking for a way to get back into public speaking.

Every meeting opens up with “Table Topics.” The “Table Topics Master” prepares a series of creative questions before the meeting to ask the members. The members have one minute to answer the question and the group judges how well the question was answered.

Toastmasters is a fun and festive crowd. It brings together a diversity of ages, professions, and skill levels at public speaking (including those who are learning English). For the week of Halloween, everyone dressed up in costumes and there was a fun vibe to the meeting. For “Table Topics,” the questions were all Halloween-themed such as, “What is your favorite scary movie?” and “Describe your favorite costume?”

As a new guest, I wanted to participate and the questions seemed easy enough – and fun! The Table Topics Master opened it up to non-members and I was the first one to raise my hand.

He was delighted I decided to join in on the impromptu speeches! I stood up waiting for the festive Halloween questions when he looked at me…

“There have been several serial murderers throughout history (proceeds to name off several uncommon killers). What propels people to do such evil?”

The room fell silent. Everyone turned to me. I stood there shocked and my stomach sank. I had gotten the hardest question of the night!

I didn’t know how to answer. I couldn’t comment on the murderers (he didn’t mentioned people like Ted Bundy, etc.) and with only 1 minute, I couldn’t have a full on speech on the evil side of the human condition.

“Um, uh, er….,” I stuttered as I am completely showing how much I do really need Toastmasters.

“Evil is in all of us (um) and what scares us with these serial murderers is that we as a society helped create them. It’s like (uh) with Frankenstein. What really scared us was that the scientist created the monster (um) and then the monster carried on with that evil. This is what scares us and fascinates us about Halloween (uh) – a look into the scariest parts of society. And that’s all I have to say!” I quickly sat down after that.

The Table Topics Master thanked me for my speech. He asked if any other new people would like to get a question and no one else raised their hand. He then led on with the rest of the meeting.

I was super nervous but I was glad I did a “Table Topics.” I am joining Toastmasters because one of the things I do want to improve is to be able to quickly think on my feet. When the meeting ended, I felt the support of the other members as they said they were proud of me for speaking so soon and validated the fact that I had received an extremely difficult question. I am looking forward to future meetings and being able to prepare a speech for some of the fun topics!

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The Paradox Of Our Age

The Dalai Lama couldn’t be more right. This reminds me of George Carlin’s “Modern Man”. Sometimes I wish we lived in simpler times, but then I realize we need to work with our new and ever-changing technology and conveniences rather than have them turn us more robotic.

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I’m A 90’s Kid And Never Owned An iPod

I received my first cassette-player Walkman when I was 12 years old. I instantly fell in love with listening to hip-hop, Spanish music, and Top 40 as well as listening to radio shows hosted by Ryan Seacrest or Big Boy. As getting an iPod and downloading music became more popular throughout the 2000’s I still had my trusty, old-school Walkman.

When I came back from Spain last Spring, my Walkman finally broke and I went to Radio to get another one. Sadly, they told me that they no longer sell Walkman’s. Since I was also due for a phone upgrade, I upgraded to an iPhone and the employee told me there’s this cool thing called iTunes and I can download music.

So I downloaded the “I Heart Radio” app and continue listening to the radio. I love the personality of the radio and how I can get my music, concerts, news, and comedy all in one place. I’m also into remixes and like listening to SoundCloud’s live sets from house/trap artists at the Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, etc. I do like the sharing features that the apps have and that I can easily let my friends know of an upcoming event or fun, new song.

As I’m continuing to work in the mobile advertising industry, there are so many options to listen and share music. However, it’s always fun surprising people that I had a Walkman up until 2012.


Thanks for visiting my website!

Hello world! I’m creating this brand, new website (with my own domain!) as I start life after USC. I have gotten more interested in designing and will be uploading more images and animations. Please disregard my former website as that is now out of date.

I will be using this blog space to post pictures that I like and random thoughts. I’m still trying to find my niche but I love comedy, community service, working with kids, reading/discussing the news, social media, listening to hip hop, house/trap, and Spanish music.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me!