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Top Reading Picks For The Young, Female Professional

Happy Monday! (Is that a thing?) While many of us may be mourning the loss of the weekend, and getting back to the daily grind, we are also catching up with the Internet of what interests us the most on our way to work or during the day’s downtime. We are on our favorite blog, Twitter, BuzzFeed, Google News, and scanning through an article that our friend just sent because “you have to read this.”

For the females getting started in tech – this post is for you! When I graduated college, I was totally clueless when it came to real world finances, career advice geared towards women, and simplifying tech in this ever-changing digital world. Mashable and Business Insider have been great enlightening my ways so far these past two years, but I have a few other sites that have been great bite-sized information to help you stay ahead of the game.

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For The Money-Confused….

DailyWorth – A digital media company offering a platform for women on things related to money, career, entrepreneurship.

Types of Articles: “To Get A Raise, Say THIS!” | “Should You Ever Work For Free?”| “Spin Your Personal Brand Into A Business” | “How Much Does It Cost To Get Pregnant?”

For The Career-Confused…

The Muse – The most trusted career brand for Millennials, helping 1.5+ million people per month find jobs and succeed in their careers.

Types of Articles: “3 Signs Someones is Lying To You, Courtesy of a  Former FBI Agent” | “12 Ways Successful People Stay Focused, Productive, and In Control” | “4 Better Ways to Answer ‘Why Do You Want to Work at This Company?'” | “The 10-Minute Weekly Exercise That’s Changing My Career”

For The Tech-Confused…

Techlicious – Provides information and advice on consumer electronics and other technologies that are focused on women’s lifestyles.

Types of Articles: “27 of Our Favorite Time-Saving Shortcuts” | “How To Automate Your Everyday Tasks” | “3 Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy” | “Apple Watch: Hot or Not?”

What are your favorite sites?

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How I See Numbers

I wrote in a previous post, that I found out I have synaethesia. In other words, I associate letters and numbers with color. Others can associate sounds, smells, personalities, or more with letters and numbers but I have a giant Color Run every time I speak (and see the words running in my head) and tie dye explosion every time I look at a calendar.

For me, numbers strongly correlate to a color whereas letters depend on the word or person (like a name). I thought I’d create a colorful number line to showcase what I see when I think of numbers. Numbers don’t have any special font the way words do to me but they are always a specific color. Even past 9, the single-digit colors will always make up the double, triple, etc. numbers. However, A will never be the same color to me. I’ll create a word illustration with some friends’ and families’ names and everyday words.

I’m not sure where these number colors come from because when I talk with other people with synaesthesia, they all have had different color associations. Maybe the silver 1 represents a shiny #1? The purple 8 represents the purple book cover of “It’s Great To Be 8!” that I used to read a lot when I was a kid? Even as colorful as this is, I still don’t have a favorite number. Blue is my favorite color but wouldn’t say I am a big fan of 3 over the other numbers.

Comment below if you see numbers/letters like this!


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How To Make A Business Card In Photoshop


I participated in a 10-week online course through the Adobe Education Exchange on how to teach technology, specifically Adobe products, to participants. The final project was creating a lesson plan and I did my project for Photoshop. My lesson plan is a beginning-level roughly three-hour workshop where the participants will learn how to make a simple business card in Photoshop. The workshop is aimed at mostly high school and college students to get them thinking of their personal brand and where they want to be working.

Feel free to check out my lesson plan and give me any feedback! Thanks! I made this lesson plan in InDesign and you can also access this via the InDesign tab on my website.

Beginning Photoshop Lesson Plan

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Adobe Education Exchange


I’m officially half-way done through the “Teach the Trainer” course offered by the Adobe Education Exchange! This free, online 10-week course shows how to introduce the basics of Adobe’s software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesgin, and more. Throughout the course, you work on a lesson plan and the final project is a well thought out lesson that you could teach to a number of students. At the end of the course, you are certified as an Adobe Education Trainer and you are required to teach a certain amount of people each year on the software to keep up your certification.

I’m most familiar with Photoshop so I wanted to do a lesson plan introducing the basics for it. My lesson plan involves creating your own business card, setting up a new project, adding text and colors, and how to move around the different layers within Photoshop. I am still trying to find a way to make my lesson more interactive, and figure out the length of each section.

If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage checking out the Adobe Education Exchange. There are many great resources to help you learn the creative software as well as community initiatives such as youth creating art.