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Top Reading Picks For The Young, Female Professional

Happy Monday! (Is that a thing?) While many of us may be mourning the loss of the weekend, and getting back to the daily grind, we are also catching up with the Internet of what interests us the most on our way to work or during the day’s downtime. We are on our favorite blog, Twitter, BuzzFeed, Google News, and scanning through an article that our friend just sent because “you have to read this.”

For the females getting started in tech – this post is for you! When I graduated college, I was totally clueless when it came to real world finances, career advice geared towards women, and simplifying tech in this ever-changing digital world. Mashable and Business Insider have been great enlightening my ways so far these past two years, but I have a few other sites that have been great bite-sized information to help you stay ahead of the game.

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For The Money-Confused….

DailyWorth – A digital media company offering a platform for women on things related to money, career, entrepreneurship.

Types of Articles: “To Get A Raise, Say THIS!” | “Should You Ever Work For Free?”| “Spin Your Personal Brand Into A Business” | “How Much Does It Cost To Get Pregnant?”

For The Career-Confused…

The Muse – The most trusted career brand for Millennials, helping 1.5+ million people per month find jobs and succeed in their careers.

Types of Articles: “3 Signs Someones is Lying To You, Courtesy of a  Former FBI Agent” | “12 Ways Successful People Stay Focused, Productive, and In Control” | “4 Better Ways to Answer ‘Why Do You Want to Work at This Company?'” | “The 10-Minute Weekly Exercise That’s Changing My Career”

For The Tech-Confused…

Techlicious – Provides information and advice on consumer electronics and other technologies that are focused on women’s lifestyles.

Types of Articles: “27 of Our Favorite Time-Saving Shortcuts” | “How To Automate Your Everyday Tasks” | “3 Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy” | “Apple Watch: Hot or Not?”

What are your favorite sites?

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