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My Review of Yelp from the Elite Squad!

I joined the Yelp Elite Squad during Yelp’s 10-year anniversary!  I’m excited to be a part of a community that also enjoys giving cool, funny, and useful reviews (their rating system) of their favorite (and not so favorite) places. At the time of this writing, I have over 80 reviews, tips, and over 100 friends to become part of this city ambassador group. I realized that I go out a lot and as one of the few people that are actually from LA, I thought it would be helpful for others to know some of the tips, directions, prices, secret parking spots, and attire advice that I have picked up from years of socializing in this city. Now there was a point to all the times I chose to find the next new hot spot or attend a fun event in LA!

Enjoying the shiny new profile as a Yelp Elite!

So for those who are not yet involved with Yelp – here’s my review of it. In one of my many review lists, I’ll go over why I choose to use this app every day as well as some of the benefits I have already been seeing as being an Elite member.

1) SAVE MONEY! – With so many businesses having check-in deals these days, it’s very easy to have an affordable social life. Bars have free drinks, comedy shows have discounted tickets, restaurants have free appetizers or discounted meals, retails stores give deep discounted on cool clothing, and more! I’ve saved money every weekend since using Yelp and have over $200 back in my pocket because of it. With the app, you can save the deals and redeem upon checking in! I have 20 deals.

2) GOOD REVIEWS LEAD TO INCENTIVES – Managers read their Yelp reviews and care what customers have to say. I received a $10 gift certificate from one of my favorite sushi restaurants because of high-rated review with photos. I’ve also been sent special menus and incentives to come in to their restaurants/bars or new places the managers are opening up to continue to write good reviews – and for me to potentially find a new favorite food, drink, place to hang out!



3) FRIENDS/SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY – While saving money is definitely nice, I have really enjoyed meeting more people in my hometown that have shared helpful advice, sent new spots to try out, cheered me on with my reviews, and nominated me to Yelp Elite. It’s also really good to know that my tips and reviews are helping people out in this huge metropolitan city of LA. It makes me happy when I receive compliments and messages from users and reminder me why I use Yelp. There’s a lot of funny writers on Yelp and many of the Yelpers get together at Elite Events to hang out, try new things, and write reviews!

4) ELITE EVENTS – I’m excited to go to my first Elite Event! I have seen pictures of behind-the-scene of restaurant dinners, yacht parties, camping, happy hours, and more! Stay tuned for a review of one of these events. I’ve been told that many of these events have a +1 so I will try to be getting my friends involved more with the Yelp community. The shiny profile you get as an Elite member is only the start of the fun…

5) YELP IS INTERNATIONAL – One of the most recent international events, is the partnership between Bordeaux and Los Angeles (just learned we are Sister Cities) in their celebration, “Bordeaux Fête Le Vin.” Users share their favorite spots with each other, join the conversation hashtag #YelpPal and #BFV2014, and can even get a French pen pal!


Yelp is so much more than a review site – it’s a way to really enhance your social experience within whatever city you’re in. The days of “So what do you want to do tonight?” are now met with really fun options that I never would have thought of otherwise. I hope this was cool, funny, or useful and I hope Yelp opens up your world the way it did to me! Thanks Yelp!

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