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How I See Numbers

I wrote in a previous post, that I found out I have synaethesia. In other words, I associate letters and numbers with color. Others can associate sounds, smells, personalities, or more with letters and numbers but I have a giant Color Run every time I speak (and see the words running in my head) and tie dye explosion every time I look at a calendar.

For me, numbers strongly correlate to a color whereas letters depend on the word or person (like a name). I thought I’d create a colorful number line to showcase what I see when I think of numbers. Numbers don’t have any special font the way words do to me but they are always a specific color. Even past 9, the single-digit colors will always make up the double, triple, etc. numbers. However, A will never be the same color to me. I’ll create a word illustration with some friends’ and families’ names and everyday words.

I’m not sure where these number colors come from because when I talk with other people with synaesthesia, they all have had different color associations. Maybe the silver 1 represents a shiny #1? The purple 8 represents the purple book cover of “It’s Great To Be 8!” that I used to read a lot when I was a kid? Even as colorful as this is, I still don’t have a favorite number. Blue is my favorite color but wouldn’t say I am a big fan of 3 over the other numbers.

Comment below if you see numbers/letters like this!


1 thought on “How I See Numbers”

  1. I don’t have the numbers but I taste in scales like musical pitches. I also see weeks and dates in pictures. Colours and words for me are feelings and emotions. I have to avoid certain ones. I wish I had the colours the way you do, it sounds really nice.

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