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Vinyet Is Helping My Video Obsession

I’m almost almost a year into the mobile advertising field and it probably has something to do with the fact that I’m now obsessed with apps. It’s crazy to think I was late in the game getting a smartphone and had the vintage flip phone for half of college. Current high schoolers may not know what I’m talking about. I also rocked the cassette-playing Walkman for far too long (stopped using it two years ago). Again, current high schoolers may not know what I’m talking about.

Rocked this bad boy until 2011
Rocked this until Radio Shack stopped having it in stock in 2012

Now that  I have an unhealthy relationship with my smartphone like most people, I’m excited about finding and using new apps. It’s true that there’s an app for everything. It’s amazing what worlds are opening up now that most things can be done via mobile.

Recently I’ve gotten into making videos. I’ve always watched a lot of videos from spoken word on YouTube to funny Vine sketches to viral videos. I was asked to make a promotional video for work a few months ago and it was the most fun projects I’ve done. I started looking for video apps and have created a series of videos. It feels like making a mini movie!

My favorite video app is Vinyet. You can edit clips, add music and filters, and upload to Vine, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s well worth the $1.99! Final Cut Pro runs a few thousand more than this.

This is how Vinyet looks! The bottom left button in the Camera Roll where you can pull up all the videos in your phone. Since the Internet loves cats, here’s one.


When you tap on a video in your Camera Roll it will import into Vinyet where you can easily edit your video in-app without the struggle of learning iMovie and Final Cut Pro (but these are more fun and you can add much fancier things). However, for beginners, all you have to do is tap on the frames of the video which will appear at the top. Drag the yellow highlighted rectangle to trim. You do have to guess at it whereas in apps like Videoshop it will show you if you are trimming at 4 seconds or 14 seconds.


You can add music to the video! Note – if you want to add music only to a certain section of a clip, I’d take that clip and add music with InstaVM and then upload that video into Vineyet as you can’t add music to only certain parts – only the entire video. The music comes from whatever is on your phone! And of course – where’s the fun if there’s no filters? You can add a filter from the several that come with the app to give your cat video a cool cinematic look.


Vinyet associates Vine with green (logo’s color) and Instagram with blue (interesting choice). If you are putting a series of clips together and they total up to 6 seconds, the top bar will be green and you will be able to share on Vine. However, if you go over 6 seconds, you will can only share on Instagram up to 15 seconds and the top bar will be blue.


What are some of your favorite video editing apps?

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