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I’m A 90’s Kid And Never Owned An iPod

I received my first cassette-player Walkman when I was 12 years old. I instantly fell in love with listening to hip-hop, Spanish music, and Top 40 as well as listening to radio shows hosted by Ryan Seacrest or Big Boy. As getting an iPod and downloading music became more popular throughout the 2000’s I still had my trusty, old-school Walkman.

When I came back from Spain last Spring, my Walkman finally broke and I went to Radio to get another one. Sadly, they told me that they no longer sell Walkman’s. Since I was also due for a phone upgrade, I upgraded to an iPhone and the employee told me there’s this cool thing called iTunes and I can download music.

So I downloaded the “I Heart Radio” app and continue listening to the radio. I love the personality of the radio and how I can get my music, concerts, news, and comedy all in one place. I’m also into remixes and like listening to SoundCloud’s live sets from house/trap artists at the Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, etc. I do like the sharing features that the apps have and that I can easily let my friends know of an upcoming event or fun, new song.

As I’m continuing to work in the mobile advertising industry, there are so many options to listen and share music. However, it’s always fun surprising people that I had a Walkman up until 2012.

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