How To Never Get Sick

My mom will turn 52 in December and still gets carded for alcohol. Most people cannot tell that my mom is actually my mom and not my older sister. She freaks people out when they see her driver’s license and says she remembers the sixties. As someone who works in a yoga studio, she has always been interested in health.

My mom’s dad was a doctor who in the sixties knew that prescription drugs were taking over and were of no help. He advocated for curing your own body and managing your stress because people’s own problems and lack of listening to their illnesses caused so much of their own damage. My mom has taken this knowledge and raised three kids without medicine. I’ve never had Advil or Tylenol and I still don’t know what medicines go for what sickness. Unless it was something serious like an ear infection and we had to get antibiotics, she made our own bodies fight off any illness. Sleep and tea were the only remedies we received.

From preschool to high school, I only missed three days of school. I got the perfect attendance award in middle school for never missing a day. Even in college, when I do get sick, I always just sleep and drink more tea. I was the Team Leader for an Alternative Spring Break in El Salvador and the only two people who didn’t get sick were the Coordinator, who was from El Salvador, and me. I’ve noticed that if I let my own body fight something, that my immune system actually becomes stronger.

My favorite part about this approach to sickness is that I do focus more on what is making me sick. I healthily process stress and lifestyle so that I can become healthy as soon as possible and a lot stronger.

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